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PXG 0311 GEN6 Golf DriverInsane Distance With Low Spin DesignThe PXG 0311 GEN6 Driver is engineered for insane distance, tight dispersion, and incredible forgiveness.Featuring PXG's most advanced technologies, highest-quality...


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PXG 0311 GEN6 Golf Driver
Insane Distance With Low Spin Design

The PXG 0311 GEN6 Driver is engineered for insane distance, tight dispersion, and incredible forgiveness.

Featuring PXG's most advanced technologies, highest-quality materials, and the most versatile adjustable weighting system in the industry. The 0311 GEN6 Driver presents a traditional tear drop profile and curved crown at address and delivers an explosive sound and unbelievable feel at impact. This driver is a mid-spin option that blends ball speed, distance, and forgiveness for optimum performance.

With a triple weighting system, one light (2.5g) and two heavy (7.5g) sole weights offer significant head weight adjustability and trajectory fine-tuning for spin and bias. With a carbon construction, the 0311 GEN6 Drivers crown is made entirely from high-grade carbon fiber and this lightweight material saves mass in the crown, allowing it to be redistributed low and to the perimeter of the clubhead for optimal CG and added forgiveness.

The face is made from high-strength Ti412 titanium alloy, a material that has an exceptionally high yield strength and a low elastic modulus. This helps generate significant face deflection and spring to create ultra-fast ball speeds. Combined with Robotic Polishing which is a high-precision process that ensures the face thickness and the face curvature (the bulge and roll radii) are manufactured to design specs that maximize performance and impart corrective launch and spin for ideal ball flight on off-center shots.

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